Crowd chases down deer in west Wichita, finally rips plastic container off its head

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Greg Reed will enjoy his Thanksgiving meal a little more knowing that somewhere near his west Wichita home a deer can now eat again as well.

Reed spotted the deer, with what he believed to be a plastic cheese ball container on its head, last week while walking his dogs. He kept seeing the deer as it attempted to graze with other deer at his home in the evening and as it meandered around the spacious Pawnee Prairie Park near his home. He also saw the deer, which he believes is a young doe, trying to drink out of the creek.

Reed, a park-goer and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Capt. Larry Hastings tried to capture the deer Monday night. They left wet and unsuccessful after trying to follow the deer across a creek.

“It’s still spry and moving around really good,” KDWPT Capt. Larry Hastings told The Eagle on Tuesday. “When we got close to it ... the thing jumped up and ran away. You wouldn’t be able to think it would run that well with that bucket on its head, but it, sure enough, can run through the woods, jump a ... creek and get away.”

Some people on Facebook suggested using a tranquilizer gun, but Hastings said a change in state law bans anyone but veterinarians from having the tranquilizer drug.

Reed was determined to have this story end on a high note.

“I worry about it,” he told The Eagle on Tuesday afternoon. “It bothers me, I know it bothers a lot of other people ... I was telling everybody if I catch it, I am going to keep that jug for a trophy on my mantlepiece.”

They planned to try again Tuesday night and said in an Eagle story that volunteers were welcome to help.

Reed said about 10 people showed up. They spotted the deer, but the first attempts of the night were unsuccessful.

As the sun was setting, Reed thought the deer might end up in his yard trying to graze with others. She did. Neighbors helped block her in, but she could see through the plastic and tried to bolt. She ran right at Reed.

“I was able to grab the jug and held on for dear life, no pun intended,” Reed said in a text message. “It was on fairly tight so I just hung on until her head popped out. She ran away and looked unharmed thankfully.”

Reed added: “FYI, deers do kick pretty hard, a few scrapes and bruises and it was the best feeling.”

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