Crossroads Ad: Mitt Romney Helped Boy With Cancer

Jonathan Miller


The independent conservative group Crossroads GPS is out with a new ad that features a couple praising Mitt Romney for attending to their cancer-stricken teenager.

The couple’s story, part of a $4.1 million ad buy in Ohio and Wisconsin, according to Politico, was featured during the Republican National Convention.

The Oparowskis, who knew Romney through church in Massachusetts, learned that their youngest son, David, who was 14, was diagnosed with cancer in 1979, according to the ad. Romney visited the boy in the hospital, helped write his will and later delivered the eulogy at his funeral, according to the ad.

“He gave a beautiful eulogy,” says Pat Oparowski, the mother, in the ad. “To spend time with a 14 year old boy in his last days – you can’t help but know that he’s caring. He cares about people and their needs. He’s going to help us get on track. I really do.”