Creed Frontman 'Disappointed' in Obama

Elspeth Reeve
Creed Frontman 'Disappointed' in Obama

Creed frontman Scott Stapp is "disappointed" in President Obama and won't vote for him, he tells Fox News. The Florida independent, who could be credited for the disappointing state of American radio, wouldn't commit to voting for Mitt Romney, because he still wants more details from the Republican. But Stapp would love to see a president who was "either an FDR or a Reagan," an inspirational figure who would be like, "Yeah man, when you tear down that wall -- do it." (That is an actual quote.) 

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The video, from The Hill's Christian Heinze:

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Today we can say conclusively that neither Democratic nor Republican nor independent pop stars are able to offer much political analysis beyond their own area of expertise, which is "be more awesome on stage."