This is how to create your Instagram Recap

this is how to create your instagram recap
How to make your Instagram RecapInstagram

From the Spotify Instafest trend to the AI selfies, social media users love to jump on a trend. The latest to hit up our timelines comes in the shape of Instagram Recap, which gives you a look back at your posts from 2022.

The Instagram 2022 Recap allows you to look back at your favourite photos from the year in an impressive little Reel, to give you a video glimpse back at the year gone by.

How to create an Instagram 2022 Recap

  1. Look out or the new "Create your 2022 recap reel” prompt in the app’s homepage, which will take you to a new round up Reel. Or, head to the Reels tab and select the '2022 recap template'.

  2. Choose a narration for the template from either Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, rapper and producer Badshah or Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson.

  3. Select up to 14 photos to share with your followers, which will then be automatically edited into the recap Reel. At the end you have your video ready to post.

this is how to create your instagram recap

And it's as simple as that!

Instagram recently announced they would be bringing in a 'Notes' function, which allows users to share posts of up to 60 characters with selected followers. Those posts stay at the top of recipients' inbox for 24 hours, and can be replied to via DM. It sounds a bit like the 'Broadcast' function on Whatsapp, right?

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