Crazed NYC cyclist is just following the rules, Mr. Officer [video]

Kai Benson
Yahoo Autos Canada

Deceiving, we know, but this is just a screengrab; the video is below.
Deceiving, we know, but this is just a screengrab; the video is below.

It's pretty rare to make a video that's relevant to cyclists, motorists, and fans of Jackass, but New York's Casey Neistat has done just that. Angered by a $50 ticket for riding outside a bike lane—which isn't illegal in NYC—Neistat decided to prove a point by aggressively, foolishly, comically staying inside the lanes. On video. Say what you will about Toronto's “War on Cars,” but at least nobody there has gone full-on Kamikaze. Yet.

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But as vitriol spews, countrywide, whenever time bike lanes are proposed or removed, it's good to see a little good-natured humour injected into the debate. It's easy for Neistat to point out the hypocrisy of a cop car parked in the bike lanes he was ticketed for straying from, but, as any writer knows, it's better to show than to tell. That aphorism doesn't usually risk damage to your dentition. Let's hope Neistat stayed relatively safe, Supermanning over his handlebars, making his point.

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One could argue that drivers might employ a similar tactic, simply ploughing through thoughtless cyclists holding hold up traffic with their smugly emission-free weaving, but as a vengeance strategy it's more illegal (and dangerous). Wherever you come down on the cycling debate, it's a good idea to say clear of existing bike lanes—if only to avoid the dents in your back bumper from Neistat's front wheel/handlebars/forehead. 

As ever, we're keen to hear your stories about maniac drivers and can-you-believe-that-a**hole cyclists. Comments below.

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