How to crash Paris Fashion Week? Hide in loo

How to crash the Paris Fashion Week like Marie Cohuet -->

who took to the Louis Vuitton catwalk to protest against fast fashion

"Hello, my name is Marie Cohuet, I'm 26 years old, and I infiltrated the Louis Vuitton fashion show to denounce the impacts of the fashion industry and the French government's inaction on the matter."

Locator: Louvre art museum, Paris

1. Hide in a bathroom for over two hours

2. As the event nears, edge towards the runway

3. Speak animatedly on the phone to pass as an event organizer

4. Join the procession of models

"There were five of us, and so we decided to be as daring as possible. I was very lucky because (French actress) Catherine Deneuve arrived just as I was trying to get in, and so everyone was looking at her, and so I took advantage of that by taking my phone out and shout things into it as if I was angry, and storm straight in without looking at anyone and avoiding any eye contact as if my presence there were legitimate, as if I worked there."

The 26-year-old environmental activist was thrown out by security staff

but not before being seen by celebrities and LVMH executives

Cohuet says the fashion industry has fallen short

on its promises to act against climate change

She accused LVMH of excluding its subcontractors in calculations

when it pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

LVMH says its 2030 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half

includes those of subcontractors

Cohuet hopes for more a meaningful progress at COP26 in Glasgow