Coyote: Vermilion beachgoer catches ‘rare’ close-up

*The above video is a previous story that shows coyotes wandering through a Parma front yard.*

VERMILION, Ohio (WJW) — Vermilion resident Doug Kishman said he sees coyote tracks in the sand on the Lake Erie beach every morning where his family has lived his whole life.

“But, rarely do I catch a shot of one that close up heading back to shelter in the woods after it has been hunting,” Kishman told Fox 8 News.

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“There’s a nearby creek where you can see coyotes hunting fish, especially gizzard shad, and when the creek is frozen they dig the stuck fish out of the ice,” Kishman added.

When Kishman shared the photo of the sturdily built coyote walking past the icy lake this weekend, one of his friends joked “It’s looking to join the polar bear club!” Another said, “Looks pretty healthy, it must be catching fish.”

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According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, coyote mating season is between mid-to-late January and into March. Coyotes are mostly nocturnal animals, active during the nighttime hours, but coyotes can become more aggressive during mating season.

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