Coyote with ‘little fear of people’ injures two toddlers in Arizona, officials say

The search is on for a coyote that injured two toddlers in separate attacks, Arizona officials said.

One of the toddlers was attacked by the “large, healthy coyote” at Aztec Park in Scottsdale on Saturday, March 18, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said in a March 23 Facebook post.

The second toddler was hurt at a home about 2 miles south of the park on Tuesday, March 22, the department said.

“The coyote shows little fear of people and may have been illegally fed in the past,” the department said.

Both toddlers had minor injuries, according to the department.

The department urges parents to keep toddlers nearby when outdoors while officials track down the wild canine.

Anyone who happens upon the coyote is asked to call 623-236-7201, the department said.

“If you see a coyote near your home, don’t ignore it,” the department’s website says. “The coyote may lose its natural fear of humans, which can eventually lead to bold behavior.”

To scare off a coyote, you should make loud noises, “but do not turn or run away,” the department advises.

Try to maintain eye contact with the animal, the department says. You can also “throw small stones or cans.”

If you can, move toward other people or “area with activity,” officials say.

Should the coyote approach or bite anyone, call 911.

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