Coyote attacks scrappy cat on Texas porch. Watch how it escapes the vicious ambush

A cat escaped a vicious coyote attack by making the most of its surroundings, video from Texas shows.

Tony Gray, who KTRK reported is from Surfside Beach, captured the video and shared it on Facebook on Thursday, June 9. Though the cat is not Gray’s, it was shown scurrying onto the deck of the beach house as a coyote runs after it.

The cat attempted to hide under a chair on the deck and tried twice to climb the porch’s fencing. Both times, however, the coyote knocked it back down.

After the second time it fell, the cat lunged toward the coyote with its talons. Finally, the cat climbed a column on the corner of the porch and waited for the coyote to leave the deck.

The cat waited nearly a full minute before jumping into the yard.

“Someone almost lost a cat,” Gray wrote on Facebook.

Police in Surfside Beach told KTRK there is a coyote problem in its area. Surfside Beach is along the Gulf of Mexico about 65 miles south of Houston.

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