Courtney Love's Twitter Libel Case Heads to a Jury; Jeremy Lin's Night Out

Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning, we bring you the gossip coverage filtered. Today: Beyoncé has some big plans, Jeremy Lin struggled during his first night of NBA carousing, and the badgering of Kate Upton continues.

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According to sources, new mom Beyonce is already "planning two projects to be released in 2012." The material, not surprisingly is skewing more towards the simple joiys of parenthood, rather than cautionary tales about what happens when you don't put a ring on it. Ryan Tedder, who wrote "Halo" for her, says he's already started sending her songs for the projects, but doesn't offer much in the way of specifics. "All I can say is you kind of feed her the best that you have and she's this phenomenal filter and she takes it all in." This makes Beyonce sound a bit like The Thing, though we're sure Tedder meant it as a compliment. As for Jay-Z, he said back in December he planned to record a new solo album this year, and maybe another collaborative album with Kanye West. Frequent Jay-Z producer Pharrell Williams let it slip to MTV News earlier this week that he and Jay-Z "are working on something, it's crazy." He also clammed up when pressed for additional information, noting that Jay-Z is "very discreet about details and stuff." [Page Six and MTV News]

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New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has electrified the known universe and made Knicks games bearable for the first time in almost a decade, but he still needs to work on his wild, late-night carousing. After Wednesday's night win over the Sacramento Kings, he and teammate Landry Fields went to Valbella on West 13th Street for Lin's dad's birthday dinner. According to a source, there was "no alcohol" at the dinner, with Lin opting to quaff "water with his Dover sole special." After dinner, Lin and Landry met up with teammate Jared Jeffries and headed to the Chelsea nightspot Avenue. According to sources, when they arrived, club management "sent over six bottles of Champagne," Lin opted to hold a Bud Light -- "the same Bud Light," according to a source --  all night. It's unclear how much he enjoyed his night on the town. "He looked like he was having a good time," one source tells Us Weekly. "You can tell he's not exactly a party guy, but people got into it." Another witness tells Fox Sports: "He danced a little bit, but we did not see him to talk to any girls. He just hung with his teammates and some execs from the team." Not unreasonably, it's being reported Lin "seemed shy when any woman tried to catch his eye, or when waitresses brought out the bubbly with a sign that read, 'All I Do Is Lin, #17,' a play on the DJ Khaled song, 'All I Do Is Win.'" To the young guard's credit, he hung in there, departing the club with Fields via a side door a bit after 2 a.m. [Fox Sports and Us Weekly]]

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It seems Carine Roitfeld, who was editor-in-chief of French Vogue for ten years before announcing her resignation in December of 2010, has "made no secret of her wish to launch her own magazine" and is apparently "is in talks to publish her title in collaboration with the media group that owns Visionaire, V Magazine and VMan." A single issue of Visionaire sells for $295 these days, while a six-issue, year-long subscription to V is a much more reasonable $20. Whatever the hypothetical new magazine ends up costing, the scuttlebutt is that "the title could be out as soon as this fall."  [WWD]

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For the love of Pete, can people stop badgering Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover subject Kate Upton -- who seems really nice -- if she's the girlfriend of Mark Sanchez, the erratic and balding quarterback of the New York Jets? Yesterday, Ellen Degeneres tried to trick Upton yesterday by asking her about "your boyfriend, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez." Clever, that Ellen! Upton replied that she "did not have a Valentine's Day date this year," before noting that "even if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't ask how he felt about [the cover]." [New York Daily News]

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This was bound to happen: Courtney Love will likely have to go to trial for tweeting that her former lawyer was "bought off" and speculating someone must have "got to her." Love's new legal team tried to get a judge to dismiss the libel suit yesterday by noting "the phrase 'they got to her' is essentially meaningless in and of itself, without context." It didn't work, and the case is probably headed for a jury trial.  [The Hollywood Reporter]

Director Julie Taymor has settled one of her many lawsuits stemming from stint as director of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. This one is about back pay she claims producers owe her after ousting her as director of the out-of-control flying and crimefighting musical last March. Sources say Taymor "will receive "full royalties of nearly $10,000 a week through the show’s entire New York run." Now, she can turn her attention to her pending federal court case in which she's demanding half the profits of the $75 million show. [New York Daily News]