Court slams TSA, demands hearings to discuss nude body scanners

Brad Reed
If you forget to charge your phone, airport security might force you to leave it behind

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit wants to know why the Transport and Security Administration has broken its promise to hold public hearings to create rules and regulations for its use of nude body scanners, Wired reports. You know, the ones that make it amazingly easy for people to sneak things onto airplanes. The court last year ordered the TSA to “act promptly” to hold public hearings on the controversial body scanners that have been set up at airports across the United States. But more than a year after receiving the court’s order, the TSA has yet to hold even one public hearing discussing any restrictions on how the scanners are used. The TSA has said that it doesn’t expect any sort of hearings to get started until 2013, Wired says.


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