Court in Moscow imposes pre-trial restrictions on four men suspected of terrorist attack in Crocus – photo

One of the suspects is being taken to court. Photo: RIA Novosti, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet
One of the suspects is being taken to court. Photo: RIA Novosti, a Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlet

Moscow's Basmanny Court has imposed pre-trial restrictions on four men detained on suspicion of committing a terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall on 22 March. They have been sent to a pre-trial detention centre until 22 May.

Source: Novaya Gazeta, a Russian socio-political newspaper

Details: Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, Rachabalizoda Saidakrami Murodali, Muhammadzobir Faizov and Shamsidin Fariduni were accused of committing a terrorist attack as part of a group. The investigators asked the court to arrest them. The prosecution also asked to consider the arrest of the suspects in a closed session. The court then closed the hearing.


Men suspected of terrorist attack in Crocus

Photo: Russian media

Mirzoyev is 32 years old, a native of Tajikistan, and has four minor children. The man also had a temporary residence permit for three months in Novosibirsk, but it expired. The suspect pleaded guilty to the charges in full.

Baza, a Russian Telegram channel, wrote that Murodali is 30 years old, married and has a child. Saidkrami stated that he was registered in Russia, but he did not remember where exactly. He added that he did not have a permanent job and he also asked for an interpreter.

Shamsidin Fariduni was tortured with electric shocks by the Russian secret forces after his arrest. Telegram channels published photos showing him lying half-naked on the floor, with wires running to his groin.

There was also a video in which Fariduni says that he was promised half a million roubles (about US$5,400) for killing people at the concert.

The Ostorozhno, Moskva (Attention, Moscow) channel wrote that he has a wife and an eight-month-old child. The man worked as a building worker in Krasnogorsk and had no previous convictions.

19-year-old Muhammadsobir Faizov was brought to court in a wheelchair. He was injured during the arrest.

Sota, another Russian Telegram channel, writes that he was born on 20 May 2004. The suspect worked in a barbershop in Ivanovo, but quit in January due to low wages.

Previously: ISIS has called the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow Oblast their "most brutal attack in recent years" and posted photos of the terrorists. Their clothing matches that of the detainees whose photos were posted by the FSB.


  • A shooting incident occurred at a concert by the band Piknik at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, on the evening of 22 March. Reports said 137 people had been killed and 180 injured.

  • Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) stated that the terrorist attack was a deliberate provocation by Putin’s regime that had been anticipated by the international community. Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian President’s Office, stated that Ukraine had nothing to do with it. The White House said it saw no evidence of any Ukrainian involvement in the attack.

  • Russian leader Vladimir Putin claimed that a "back door" had been prepared for the suspects in the attack to cross the border with Ukraine. Ukraine's Defence Intelligence responded by saying that these claims are entirely devoid of truth.

  • The United States has no doubt that ISIS was involved in the terrorist attack on a concert in the suburbs of Moscow on the evening of 22 March and had warned Russia in advance of the threat of such a terrorist attack.

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