Couple Who Lost Septuplets Last Year About to Welcome a New Baby

A year and a half after losing septuplets, a Charlotte, North Carolina couple is getting ready to welcome a new baby, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

"We are very excited!" Lindsey tells PEOPLE. "I'm excited. I'm more excited for Steve and Hannah and Hope to meet the baby. The girls can't wait to change the diaper, the nursery is ready."

She is due any day now.

Lindsey and Steve justice, both personal trainers, were shocked to find they were pregnant with seven babies back in 2014. But their joy soon turned to pain when twelve weeks into the pregnancy, the college sweethearts lost one baby, and just two months later, they lost the other six.

Already the parents to Hannah, 5 and Hope, 3, Lindsey, 31, has polycystic ovarian syndrome (commonly referred to as PCOS) and used fertility drugs to get pregnant with the septuplets. After losing them, the couple worried they’d never be able to add to their family.

But last fall they were thrilled to find out Lindsey was pregnant again.

“With what we went through last time we really are trying to cherish every moment with this pregnancy and the time with our girls," Steve, a former NFL player, tells PEOPLE. "We know this is the last time we’ll be a family of four.”

The couple had agreed not to find out the gender of the baby but Steve couldn’t help himself at the 16-week ultrasound. They are, however, keeping it a secret from everyone else.

Lindsey is very open, though, about the combination of joy and fear she has felt being pregnant again.

"I don't take anything for granted," she says. "In my head I know it's different than last time. I know it's not the same situation and I tell my heart that but I've been so scared this baby would come early."

But she says physically she feels great.

"I've really been healthy the whole time," she says. "We lead an active lifestyle and I think that helps. I've been feeling really good.

"It's been a very exciting time," Steve says. "We're trying to soak it all in."

And they are eternally grateful they get to welcome another life into their family.

"I'm thankful every day," says Lindsey. "We know things can happen. God doesn't owe us another baby. I'm just thankful for every day and just pray that everything goes well. The fact that we're here about to have this new baby, it's just amazing."

Couple Who Lost Septuplets Last Year About to Welcome a New Baby| Health, Real People Stories
Couple Who Lost Septuplets Last Year About to Welcome a New Baby| Health, Real People Stories
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