Couple accused of selling baby to pay for iPhone, other items

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo NewsOctober 18, 2013
Couple accused of selling baby to pay for iPhone, other items

A Chinese couple faces criminal charges for allegedly selling their baby daughter to buy a new iPhone and make other purchases.

Citing Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper, the Telegraph writes that Shanghai prosecutors have charged the couple with human trafficking. They couple allegedly put their child up for adoption online.

According to reports, the couple used the funds (between $4,900 and $8,000, according to ABC News) to go on a shopping spree. Alleged purchases include an iPhone and expensive athletic shoes.

The couple, identified as Mr. Teng and Ms. Zhang in Chinese reports, reportedly defended their actions, citing a desire for their baby to have a more stable future.

"We did not send the baby off for a profit, but to give the child a better life of security," they were quoted as saying to the Jiefang Daily.

However, according to reports, law enforcement officials believe the couple knowingly deceived neighbors to keep the pregnancy secret.

Via the Telegraph:

Prosecutors also allege that the couple attempted to disguise Ms Zhang’s pregnancy in order to hide their crime. In order to explain her bump, neighbors were told she was suffering from a tumor.

Law enforcement officials say that shortly after the home birth, the couple, who have two other children, began shopping, according to reports.