County to spend $570,000 on new sign for Archer Complex

Apr. 2—CHEYENNE — The Laramie County Board of County Commissioners has unanimously approved a $572,356 bid for a new sign off Interstate 80 to advertise events at the Archer Complex.

The sign will be a double-sided, illuminated monument with a 200-square-foot electronic display. The electronic display will change to advertise different events at the Archer Complex to traffic on the highway. It will also include a 22-foot-tall arrowhead with the Archer Complex branding that is outlined with lights that can change colors.

Loveland, Colorado-based Schlosser Signs will install the display. General Manager Alex Schlosser said there isn't a set date for when it will be installed, but he expects the county would want it there before the end of the year.

"It's definitely a nice project. We're very happy to have it," Schlosser said.

When the bid was approved at the commissioners' meeting Tuesday afternoon, County Commissioner Gunnar Malm noted that the over half-a-million-dollar project will not be funded by the county's general funds or special purpose dollars, but rather through funds received from EOG for oil leases on county property.

"We've had great success with the voter-approved Archer Events Center out there, and this is just an effort to continue to improve the facility in terms of its appeal and marketability to potential acts and renters and bring people in off of the interstate," Malm said.

He likened the sign to the one near the Blue Arena, previously named the Budweiser Events Center, in Loveland.

Laramie County will pay Schlosser Signs 50% of the full price, around $286,000, for initiation of the work, 20% during construction, around $114,000, and the remaining 30%, nearly $172,000, upon completion of the display.

The county will waive permit fees for Schlosser Signs, but Schlosser said he's not yet sure if they will receive any additional deductions, such as being exempt from sales tax.

When completed, the display will be nearly 17 feet tall and more than 42 feet wide. The arrowhead will be 22 feet tall and nearly 14 feet wide. The screen display will sit on top of a stone support and will be 9 feet, 11 inches tall and 19 feet, 9 inches wide. It will be situated south of I-80 and west of the Archer Parkway exit, across from Crete Carrier Corporation.

"The county said that we could take creative liberty," Schlosser said. "We talked about some sizes and some elements that we want to incorporate, you know, about having a stone base and having some different aspects of their logo, and we gave it to one of our designers, and they came up with a came up with the design."

Laramie County received multiple designs from the company and chose the final concept out of multiple options.

County Commissioner Buck Holmes said he has been working on getting this kind of sign for the Archer Events Center for years and that he believes it will be an asset to the complex.

"I think county residents will be very proud of it," he said.

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