County residents invited to participate in internet speed test

Jul. 13—Clatsop County residents are invited to take a one-minute internet speed test in an effort to improve internet access in Oregon.

The test will help Faster Internet Oregon — a collaboration among economic development districts and other agencies — locate the gaps in the state's internet services. The results will be used to enhance broadband infrastructure.

The project in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties, and the western Washington County area, is being led by the Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District, which encourages people to participate as soon as possible.

"Currently, the only data we have for the availability and speed of internet connections is inaccurate," Col-Pac said in a statement. "With enough tests in the region, we can use this data to advocate for internet infrastructure funding to improve fast and affordable internet services."

Participants must test with a home internet connection, not with a cellular or VPN, the organization said. People without a home internet connection can use their cellphone to report zero internet access at their location.

No identifying information besides a participant's address will be shared, Col-Pac said.

People can go to to participate and for more information.