County Commissioners adopt new Tax Rate, Budget

Sep. 1—The Commissioners Court meet in regular session on Monday, Aug. 28, at which time a public hearing was held for the Walker County Budget for Oct. 1, 2023 to Sept. 30, 2024.

There were no comments or objections from the public and the Court approved and adopted the budget. A public hearing for the Walker County Tax Rate for the same fiscal year was held. There were no comments or objections from the public.

The Consent Agenda included 28 items which were all approved unanimously, minus a request to grant an exemption to The Railroad Yard Inc and SRM Concrete, LLC. The entire Court voted to deny the request, per Commissioner Ronnie White's request. Additionally, Blake Stade and Hailey Windham were appointed to the Walker County Historical Commission.

A request by the Huntsville High School Baseball Booster Club to use the District Attorney's parking lot discussion was led by Commissioner Ronnie White with a motion to not approve, because the group would be charging a fee on county property.

"I would much rather see them ask for donations instead of charging," said Commissioner Danny Kuykendall.

"Last time we approved the Wrestling Club request for usage because we did not have a policy in place, so I'm going to stick with that," said Commissioner Bill Daugette via zoom.

Following additional discussion and a 3-2 vote against denying the request. The Court voted to approve the request with Decker, Daugette, and Judge Christian.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Coordinator Butch Davis provided a picture overview of the Inaugural Preparedness Fair, which netted a good turn out and a request to make this event happen yearly. The Court approved Emergency Service District #1 Riverside, to enter into a Joint Election Agreement with Walker County for the November 7 election.

District Clerk Leslie Woolley update the Court on two legislative bills that take effect next month. House Bill 2015 became effective Friday, Sept. 1, and raises the age at which a person qualifies for a permanent jury service exemption from age 70 to age 75. House Bill 3474 increases the the first day of jury duty pay will go up from $6 a day to $20 a day. Those that are selected to serve on the jury will have an increase from $40 to $58 per day.

This synopsis does not reflect the totality of the Court's action but a summary. The Commissioners Court meet in the Walker County Courthouse, 1100 University Ave, Rm. 104. The next scheduled regular meeting is 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 11.

These sessions are live streamed via Zoom or YouTube. For more information