County clerk: Certain drivers at risk of license suspension

Nov. 16—Time is running out for nearly 800 motorists in Niagara County who are at risk of having their driver license suspended because they didn't undergo the required vision test, county clerk Joe Jastrzemski said Wednesday.

The issue affects almost 800 residents who renewed their license between March 1, 2020 and Aug. 31, 2021, during the Covid pandemic, by self-certifying their vision, and then failed to submit their vision test results.

"New York State will begin suspensions of drivers' licenses on December 1 for those who have ignored repeated requests to submit the required vision test," Jastrzemski said. "This is our last call to get this done and avoid suspension."

Jastrzemski said the fastest and easiest way to comply is to visit a local DMV office where a person can have their vision checked free of charge and DMV employees will handle submitting the results to the state.

The alternative is to be tested by an approved provider and have the provider submit the results to the DMV. If you pass a test from a provider not approved by the DMV, the provider must complete a vision test report and you must submit it. All the information, instructions, the list of approved providers and submission link/mailing address can be found at