The countries with the most powerful passports in the world

AFP Relax NewsJune 27, 2014
New list reveals the world's most powerful passports

For being able to enter the largest number of countries visa-free, Brits, Swedes and Finns have been deemed holders of the most powerful passports in the world.

The figure that put the trio of countries at the top of’s “How powerful is your passport?” graphic: 173.

That’s 173 countries that Brits, Swedes and Finns can travel to without having to worry about visas and extra travel documents.

“More than a simple grant of access into a country, passports and the visas they contain are a reflection of geopolitics, the relationship between two nations, and a country’s status relative to the rest of the world,” reads the chart.

“They’re also of immense value.” specializes in moving people abroad.

Here are the most powerful passports in the world:

173 countries: UK, Sweden, Finland

172: US, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark

171: Belgium, Italy, Netherlands

170: Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain

168: Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland

167: Australia, Greece, Singapore

166: South Korea

165: Iceland

163: Malaysia, Malta

159: Liechtenstein