Coterra Energy brings Mobile Oil Learning Unit to Midland

Jul. 22—Museum of the Southwest is hosting the MOLU, Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit, sponsored by Coterra Energy now through the end of September 2022, a press release detailed.

Run by the Oilfield Energy Center, the unit offers 24 unique stations that teach students about science, technology, and careers related to the oil and natural gas industry through hands-on, educational activities.

The exhibition is currently on location in the Brown Science Center Classroom at the Blakemore Planetarium and is best suited for grades fifth through eighth.

"Having the opportunity to offer a hands-on learning experience to our students about the heart of the industry that has built our community is incredibly exciting. Having the MOLU on the Museum's campus allows students from across the Permian Basin to take advantage of the exhibition," Lori Wesley, Executive Director, Museum of the Southwest, stated in the press release.

"We are excited to bring the MOLU to the Midland community. It is a valuable resource that gives our kids the opportunity to learn about natural gas and oil in a manner that gets them truly engaged with the subject matter," Dusty Burger, Permian East Region Manager at Coterra, stated in the press release. "The Museum of the Southwest is a natural partner for this initiative and we're looking forward to the thousands of visitors who will get to experience this exhibit in the coming months."

The MOLU has traveled to hundreds of locations across the Permian and Appalachian Basins. It offers students the chance to learn about STEM concepts, energy careers, and industry-specific topics such as viscosity, drilling and permeability.

Typically, the MOLU is set up at school gyms or common areas and can accommodate up to 200 students in one day. Another interesting element to the MOLU is the baseline testing performed before and after students pass through the exhibit. Data shows that students achieve 50% higher scores on the post tests.