Costco & Sam's Club Recall Ham For The Most Disgusting Reason


From Delish

When you sit down for dinner and can’t chew through a piece of your roast, then you know something’s just not right. When one customer who took home a pre-cooked ham from a warehouse club store had this experience recently∏, both Costco and Sam’s Club issued an immediate recall.

Shockingly, those un-chewable portions were covered in pieces of rubber material embedded in the meat. The affected product includes 6-pound vacuum-sealed packages of Fletcher’s Fine Foods Classics Black Forest Brand Ham with Natural Juices, which were shipped to Costco and Sam’s Club stores and distribution centers in Alaska, Utah, and Washington.

They were imported from Canada and contain the label “Est. #337” and packing code “16 OC 2016.” If you have one of these hams, bring it back to the store for a refund or toss it in the garbage. And if you have any questions, contact the company at 855-763-4621.


So far, no one has been harmed by this issue and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced no other reports of the unsavory extra ingredient.

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