Cory Monteith: Things Will Be 'Tough' For Finn & Rachel On Glee

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When "Glee" returns this fall, high school graduate Rachel Berry will be off pursuing her dream in New York City, so fans shouldn't expect smooth sailing for the show's super couple.

"It's gonna be tough," Cory told at Comic-Con 2012 of Finn and Rachel's relationship. "I don't think it's gonna be what people expect. I think it's gonna be south of expected."

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Rachel (Lea Michele) will be heading to NYADA in Season 4, where her schooling will include dance teaching under instructor Cassandra July, played by Kate Hudson.

Asked if Rachel's NYC base will mean Finn will get some NYC scenes, Cory replied, "I hope so."

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Also seemingly headed for a rocky romantic road are Blaine and Kurt, the latter of which is set to encounter Sarah Jessica Parker, playing a kooky editor of, Access Hollywood previously revealed.

"Blaine's boyfriend -- it might be along distant relationship, so [we could have] those natural pitfalls that happen when that's introduced in a relationship," Darren Criss said of what's to come for Blaine and Kurt.

Back in Lima, Ohio, at McKinley, though, Darren said he doesn't expect Blaine to head up the New Directions with many of the gang having graduated.

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"Artie and Tina have been there since the beginning...and were the original 'Glee' cast people that people did fall in love with," Darren said.

"I like being part of the team, I like it being an ensemble," he continued. "I don't like getting overly featured. It makes me nervous. I like having somebody next to you that you can play with."

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