COVID-19: 6 charts and maps that explain how coronavirus is spreading around the world

This article is updated daily. It was last updated on May 28.

The coronavirus outbreak has spread across the world. It has brought many countries to a near standstill. Here are six charts and maps that explain the global situation.

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This map shows the scale of the problem

(Please note: It is thought some authoritarian countries which have not reported any confirmed cases are still likely to have been exposed to the virus)

This dynamic chart shows how countries have caught up with - and surpassed - China, where the virus first emerged

This map shows the countries who have suffered the most number of deaths

This chart shows the total deaths curve of the worst-hit countries, from the point they recorded their 10th death

This chart shows a more detailed breakdown of the total cases, deaths and active cases of some countries

This map illustrates how badly countries such as Spain and Italy, which have smaller populations than, say, Russia and China, have suffered.