Corning Community College students participate in mass casualty drill

CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) — Nursing students at Corning Community College participated in a realistic mass casualty drill with a car accident. The accident involves an elderly man who has a seizure and runs into people on a sidewalk.

The students who acted as the people hurt were freshman nursing students. The sophomores attended to those who were deceased or wounded, and anyone who needed or did not need immediate attention to familiarize themselves with a real-life situation.

Nursing student, Jessica Avery said, “All the skills that we’ve been taught for the last two years, we were able to really implement them today. So, if we were put in a traumatizing situation, we would be able to know what to do and how to do it.”

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Another student, Emma Koch added how, “It’s one thing to learn the skills in the classroom or in a controlled environment, and it’s another thing to learn it in a chaos.”

The Steuben County EMS team collaborated with the students to help them prepare for when accidents happen at any time and to be able to respond to them in a hospital environment.

“What we’re looking at here is basically how they prepare for an actual emergency in the community that floods their hospital,” said Timothy Marshall, Steuben County Director of Public Safety.

In addition, the students practiced checking on patients with critical and non-critical injuries, ranging from spinal cord injuries to fractures.

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