Cops drive head-on into car with mom and kids, she says. They thought it was someone else

Screengrabs from @jameekimble's Instagram video

Jamee Kimble was driving in on Oct. 1 when she and her kids were struck head-on by a police car going around 10 mph in Virginia. It wasn’t an accident.

“They had me hold both of my hands out the car window while they pointed a gun at me screaming that I could become a threat if I moved, in front of my kids,” Kimble said in an Instagram post documenting the confrontation in Fairfax County.

Kimble was then handcuffed and put into the back of the police vehicle, she said.

Kimble had been at the hospital having her Cesarean section birth just days before the encounter with police, which she said was her alibi for the questions they had asked her.

In the end, police publicly confirmed it: Kimble was not who they were looking for.

So why, exactly, was she caught in the middle of a felony traffic stop? Police released a statement after Kimble posted her video on Instagram, which garnered thousands of comments and views.

Fairfax County police got an alert around 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 of a “felony vehicle with occupants listed as armed and dangerous” traveling in the area of Richmond Highway and South Kings Highway, officers said in a news release.

Police found the vehicle and ran into the front bumper of the car at an “estimated speed under 10 mph,” then detained the occupants — which were Kimble, two children and another woman, the release said.

Officials confirmed that the vehicle Kimble was inside was involved in an incident in Arlington County, prompting the traffic stop, the release said. However, when officers realized that neither Kimble, nor any other occupants of the car, were involved in the incident and did not own the car, they were released.

Kimble says that being released doesn’t mitigate what happened.

“I still am very angry and, more than anything, hurt because I teach my children that the police are supposed to protect us, and that if they need anything they can call them for help,” Kimble told NBC Washington. “This was a very traumatic situation, and for a long time, probably forever for me and my 5-year-old, this will forever affect us…“I could have lost my life. My kids could have lost their lives. Luckily, everyone in the car was in a seat belt.”

Kimble told NBC that her 1-year-old son, her 5-year-old daughter and a friend were heading to Walmart to get groceries.

In the video, Kimble demands that the officers be fired.

The Fairfax County Police Department initiated an administrative review of the incident, according to the release.

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