Cops say the babysitter — the family lawyer — recorded himself raping a Florida girl

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

A Gainesville attorney facing a total of 22 felony counts related to what he allegedly did to an 8-year-old girl while taking care of her is an attorney no more.

Michael Meadors, 69, was on the most recent monthly attorney discipline report put out by the Florida Bar last week. He applied for disciplinary revocation without leave for readmission and received it on April 28.

Disciplinary revocation is essentially disbarment. Usually, attorneys who apply for it do so with leave to reapply to the Florida Bar in five years. Disciplinary revocation makes any Florida Bar discipline cases go away. Any civil suits or criminal charges related to those cases are not affected.

Which is why Meadors remains in St. Johns County Jail, where he’s been since his arrest last July. He received no bond on one count of sexual battery on a person under the age of 12 and $345,000 bond on nine counts of promoting the sexual performance by a child and 12 counts of possession of a sexual performance by a child. Meadors has pleaded not guilty.

According to an arrest report, on July 25, an 8-year-old girl was spending the night “under the care of [Meadors] for the evening.” The report described Meadors as “a family friend as well as the family lawyer.”

The report says Meadors recorded himself walking into the bedroom where the child slept and molesting her.

The next day, during a call with investigators listening, the report says Meadors admitted to molesting the girl with “I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m so sorry.” The report quotes Meadors saying he was “just touching her, that’s all” and “I’m guilty, I did not do it every night” but he also said that the girl told him to stop “and he would do it anyways.”

If you know anything about this case, you can contact St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 904-824-8304.