This cool ‘Coolest’ cooler just passed $4M on Kickstarter with more than a month to go

Chris Smith
Move over, Pebble: The Coolest Cooler is now the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever

There are many interesting projects on Kickstarter, but few of them can say they managed to reel in more than $4.1 million. That’s more than 80 times what Ryan Grepper, the mastermind behind the Coolest cooler, wanted to raise in order to make a smart device that knows many interesting tricks in addition to simply keeping beverages cold.

The Coolest packs waterproof wireless speakers, a waterproof USB charger, a LED lid light system, a built-in blender, locking tie-downs for carrying additional outdoor supplies on top of the cooler, beach tires for added durability and additional storage options for picnic reusable plastic plates and ceramic rust-proof knife.

Furthermore, the Coolest has a split lid design for quickly accessing ice for the blender without letting too much warm air in, and a removable divider that allows users to separate ice from food and beverages. Finally, the Coolest comes with a built-in bottle opener.

The cheapest Coolest money can buy costs $185 on Kickstarter and will ship in February 2015 – the project is already funded with 46 days to go, and it’ll surely raise even more funds in the coming weeks.

A video showing the main features of the Coolest follows below.

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