Convicted hit-and-run driver who killed tow truck operator 8 years ago headed back to Tampa courtroom

TAMPA, Fla. - Zarais Perez-Borroto is still in shock, after learning the woman responsible for her brother's death, Allison Huffman, is getting a second chance.

A Tampa judge ruled she would be brought back to court and re-sentenced.

"My first reaction was my heart dropped, my stomach dropped, I couldn’t believe after seven years this case got re-opened again," said Perez-Borroto.

Last year, Huffman appealed what she called her weighty sentence of 28 years behind bars. She said it was unfair and pointed the finger at her former attorneys for mistakes and making false promises.

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She blamed her callous actions that day, on her bipolar diagnosis and depression. She told the court about it last June.

"I had no idea what happened what had hit my car I didn’t understand what I was looking at, and I just froze," explained Huffman.

Tampa Judge Michelle Sisco believed there were legal issues with her trial and ruled in Huffman‘s favor.

<div>Pictured: Roger Perez-Borroto</div>
Pictured: Roger Perez-Borroto

Back in May 2018, Huffman pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run crash that killed tow truck driver Roger Perez-Borroto on the Howard Franklin Bridge two years earlier.

Instead of stopping to help, prosecutors say Huffman dumped her car at a nearby hotel and then took a taxi to Walgreens for a snack. But it didn’t stop there, she headed to the Hard Rock Casino where she gambled for hours.

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The front-end damage to her car is hard to miss, but at the time she told the police it was all a blur.

Now Huffman is headed back to a Tampa courtroom for a do-over.

For Zarais Perez-Borroto and her family it’s re-opening old wounds that never seem to heal.

"It’s a constant anxiety of what’s next? What is she going to file next? Can we just give it a rest. Like, please stop! Enough is enough, you know what you did, serve your time," said a frustrated Perez-Borroto.

Huffman‘s sentencing date has not been set yet.

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