Convention Update: Unions Divert Convention Money

EDITOR’S NOTE: National Journal’s Convention Update is designed to bring you convention news regularly throughout the month. News on the Democratic and Republican conventions will alternate weeks. Those who signed up for both will receive both. We hope you enjoy it.

In National Journal’s Democratic National Convention Update this week, labor unions are diverting money from the convention to a rally of their own; the DNC announces platform committee members; and a list of lawmakers who are skipping the festivities in Charlotte.

Unions Divert Democratic Convention Money
[National Journal, 7/12/12] Angered over a venue located in a right-to-work state and little input overall, major labor unions are withholding funds from the Democratic convention and instead funding a “Workers Stand for America” rally in Philadelphia.

DNC Announces Platform Committee Members
[National Journal, 7/13/12] The Democratic National Committee announced the members of two panels tasked with putting together the party’s platform for the next four years, including Rep. Barney Frank and Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Placing Blame for Convention Shortfall
[The Washington Post, 7/10/12] As funding for the Democratic convention falls short, some are pointing fingers at Jim Rogers, the chief executive at Duke Energy who was once seen as the convention’s largest potential rainmaker.

North Carolina: Southern Bellweather
[National Journal, 7/6/12]The Democratic convention is a national coming-out party for Charlotte, the fastest-growing urban center in the nation. But diverse North Carolina is also a harbinger of how the presidential race could go.

Who’s Skipping the Democratic Convention? (PHOTOS)
[The Daily Beast, 7/15/12] A list of more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers and others who will miss the festivities in Charlotte—with pictures.

Axelrod Defends Convention No-Shows
[National Journal, 7/13/12] David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior strategist, says it is common for lawmakers to skip political conventions to attend to their own races.

Convention Gets Keys to Time Warner Cable Arena
[WCNC, 7/16/12] The Democratic National Convention Committee received keys to the Time Warner Cable Arena on Monday, and crews are ready to start work for the convention.

Convention Mayors Ready to Go
[Politico, 7/10/12] Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx are gearing up for the big events.

No Convention Invite for Palin
[Newsweek, 7/16/12] Sarah Palin has not been asked to speak at the Republican convention—or even received an invitation to the party’s marquee event.

Ron Paul Not Guaranteed a Speaking Slot
[National Journal, 7/15/12] Rep. Ron Paul is not insured a speaking slot at the Republican convention this August because he failed to win enough delegates. Now, he’s at the mercy of Mitt Romney and the party.