Controversial livestreamer slapped in the face while walking busy Japanese street


Controversial IRL (in real life) livestreamer JohnnySomali was struck in the face by a random passerby while livestreaming in Tokyo.

What happened: At the 2-hour-and-2-minute mark of a recent Kick livestream, the content creator can be seen speaking to his viewers about respect when a person suddenly hits his face with an open palm.

A snippet of the attack was uploaded to Twitter on Friday by Twitter user @Human101Nature. The viral clip has already garnered over 1.5 million views.

"Stream snipers": During the confrontation, the attacker, whom JohnnySomali later describes as a “stream sniper” at around the 2-hour-8-minute mark, can be heard mentioning “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki,” possibly referring to JohnnySomali’s recent viral incident on a train in which he harassed commuters about World War II. Besides the physical assault, the assailant can also be heard hurling racial slurs at the livestreamer.

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Minutes later, a police officer and a man arrive at the scene. JohnnySomali can be heard asking the latter if he can translate for him. The officer accompanies JohnnySomali outside, where he is questioned about what happened. He claims that he did nothing wrong and that his assailant also threw water at him.

The context: JohnnySomali ignited outrage online after he harassed passengers on a train in Tokyo in late May. A Korean American man from Texas went viral for stepping in to diffuse the situation.

Confrontation with a biker: JohnnySomali was also confronted by an intimidating biker while on an evening walk. The livestreamer describes the man as “Yakuza” in the title of a recent YouTube video.

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