Controversial influencer Lovely Peaches told her arresting officer that she sprayed perfume in her dog's eyes to get followers, according to police report

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Lovely Peaches. Lovely Peaches/Instagram
  • Insider obtained the arrest report for the controversial influencer Lovely Peaches.

  • The report said she made "statements about harming or killing her dog" to earn followers.

  • Peaches is still in custody, and her release is dependent on her ability to pay bail.

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Newly released arrest records obtained by Insider shed light on what apparently occurred when the controversial influencer Lovely Peaches, whose real name is Brittany Johnson, was detained by the DeKalb County Police Department on January 20 on a charge of cruelty to animals.

According to the arresting officer cited in the records reviewed by Insider, Johnson told police she sprayed her dog in the eyes with perfume to gain followers.

Videos of what appeared to be Johnson picking her dog up by the neck and spraying perfume in the dog's face began circulating on social media on the day of her arrest, which later caused outrage and calls for the dog to be removed from her care.

The arrest records said the police department got multiple calls about the disturbing videos and photos social-media users saw online. The person who made the complaint about Johnson provided police with the photos and videos that had been circulating on social media - in which the controversial influencer can be seen seemingly kicking and choking the dog.

According to the records reviewed by Insider, the arresting officer wrote that Johnson told them she "makes statements about harming or killing her dog in order to gain more followers."

The arrest records said Johnson told police officers the dog wasn't harmed. When she was questioned further by police, the records said Johnson did say she sprayed perfume in her dog's face the day before her arrest to "get more followers on social media."

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In the last update provided to Insider by a person close to Johnson, she was still in police custody and her release was dependent on her ability to pay bail (online DeKalb County records show her bail is set at $2,500). A group of supporters said in a group chat viewed by Insider that they were attempting to crowdsource funds for her bail.

An animal-control officer responded to the scene, and custody of the dog was voluntarily signed over to them by Johnson, according to the arrest records. In a statement published by TooFab, a representative for the DeKalb County Police Department said, "Until her case is concluded, she is not allowed to own or care for any animals. Meanwhile, her Jack Russell Terrier was taken into custody by Animal Services, where it was examined by a veterinarian and Johnson voluntarily signed over custody."

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Johnson is a controversial influencer known for outrageous stunts and disturbing videos that have repeatedly gotten her accounts suspended from social-media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Previously, there have been videos showing Johnson exhibiting public nudity, appearing to stalk other social-media figures, and making false claims about the death of her own infant daughter. Her online notoriety has led to Johnson develop a teenage fan base, and she attracted more than 100,000 followers on some since suspended accounts.

A representative for Johnson declined to comment about the situation in a statement emailed to Insider.

"She will be addressing all issues on her YouTube Channel upon her release," the representative said.

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