Container ship that struck Baltimore bridge will be removed from the site 'within days,' Maryland governor says

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore on Sunday said the Dali, a massive container ship that felled the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore in March, will be removed "within days."

"I remember that first morning when the bridge fell, people were saying that, you know, this thing could take six, nine months to be able to repair the channel," Moore, a Democrat, said Sunday during an interview on NBC News' "Meet the Press."

"I'm proud that we're on track and they will have that federal channel reopened, and within days we're going to have that massive vessel — the Dali — out of that federal channel," Moore added.

The ship has been sitting in the middle of the Patapsco River since late March, when it collided with the Key Bridge in the middle of the night, causing a catastrophic collapse.

Six construction workers who were on the bridge when the ship hit the structure were presumed dead. All of their bodies have since been recovered, the last of which was recovered on May 7.

Earlier this month, precision explosive charges were used to remove parts of the bridge from atop the ship in what has been a monthslong effort to remove the excess debris, the bridge and the ship to reopen the channel, which leads to a massive international shipping port in Baltimore.

Moore on Sunday also addressed concerns that removing the ship and reopening the channel will prove to be an expensive effort.

"The American people will be made whole on this," Moore told moderator Kristen Welker, adding: "And we just have to make sure that we get it done fast and on time and on budget. And that's our focus."

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