Conspiracy theorists think the alleged chemical attack in Syria is a false flag to start World War Three

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While world leaders debate how to respond to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, conspiracy theorists are claiming that it’s a false flag in order to start a war.

The attack, for which there has not yet reportedly been any hard evidence, has sparked discussions of military airstrikes by the US, UK, France and their allies and a war of words between Donald Trump and Russia.

But conspiracy theorists claim the incident is a “false flag”.

Speaking on the ‘InfoWars site’, Dr Steve Pieczenik said: “My take is that we have been involved in a false flag for quite some time.

“I spent three weeks in Syria before all this occurred, before the wars broke out, and I can assure you Bashar al-Assad is not interested in chemical warfare.”

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He went on to say that Iran or Russia were not interested in chemical warfare either but accused Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey of all being interested in creating a “false flag”.

“It’s not an accident that you have a false flag on the anniversary of supposedly another gas attack,” he added.


In the lengthy interview, Dr Pieczenik said he didn’t think US President Donald Trump “really knows what’s going on”, and added: “It’s again these false flags that were had in 9/11.”

Similarly, speaking on Media Matters for America, host Tucker Carlson said supporters of military action in Syria have “no real idea what happened”.

<em>Tucker Carlson warned that people don’t actually know what happened in Syria (Picture: Reuters)</em>
Tucker Carlson warned that people don’t actually know what happened in Syria (Picture: Reuters)

He said various people had “suddenly aligned on a single point of agreement”: America must go to war in Syria immediately. Bashar Al Assad cannot continue to lead that country. He must be overthrown.

“Assad is an evil man, they tell us. His latest crime is a chlorine gas attack carried out over the weekend by his forces against a rebel-held suburb of Damascus. Assad’s poison gas suffocated children.

“Pictures of the aftermath of that are all over the internet and they are horrifying. Assad is a monster. That’s the official story. Almost everyone in power claims to believe it. The push to war in Syria, by the way, has united politicians from both sides.”

He said the agreement that Donald Trump should take action in Syria should make people nervous.

“Universal bipartisan agreement on anything is usually the first sign that something deeply unwise is about to happen. If only because there is nobody left to ask skeptical questions. And we should be skeptical of this.

“Starting with the poison gas attack itself. All the geniuses tell us that Assad killed those children, but do they really know that? Of course they don’t really know that. They are making it up. They have no real idea what happened.”

(Top picture: AP)

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