Conservatives aren’t the only ones opposing critical race theory

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Some on the Left may have you believe that opposition to "critical race theory" is just a white or Republican issue. In reality, it is one of national importance.

On June 26, a coalition of 25 different organizations issued a joint statement against the “egregious manifestations” of CRT in “schools, workplaces, and governments.” It claims that CRT has “become a monolithic dogma” that will be used to “reengineer our society toward illiberal group think, equal outcomes, and collectivism.”

Though the statement acknowledges that CRT should be “judged as a scholarly subject of inquiry,” it also warns that, when practiced, the theory “leads to perverse discrimination, disempowerment and victimhood by virtue of race.” It is the implementation of CRT, not the concept itself, that poses a grave danger to American civil society. Some might call it “critical race training.”

And the proliferation of this training is a cause for concern across the political spectrum. The diversity of the joint statement's signatories illustrates the increasing national consensus against mandatory critical race training.

True, the statement is supported by the conservative Eagle Forum of California, whose parent organization was founded by the late conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly. But CRT is not just a conservative or Republican issue. It is one that unites academics, parents, and activists.

Advocates for academic freedom are rightly concerned about CRT’s prevalence on college campuses. So much so that the website was launched in February by the Legal Insurrection Foundation to track critical race training at over 300 colleges and universities. It is no surprise that the Foundation and the National Association of Scholars are signatories to the statement.

Parents and educators are also worried about “woke-ism” in their children’s schools. Across the country, they have mobilized and petitioned their school boards. Groups such as the Parents Defending Education, Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, and Educators for Quality and Equality have helped expose and oppose CRT in K-12 education. They, too, endorsed the statement.

Cultural associations, such as the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York, and other nonpartisan groups, such as the antisemitism watchdog AMCHA Initiative, also signed the statement. In the last year, anti-racist protesters have made antisemitic remarks, and Asian Americans have been fighting in court for fair college admissions.

Free Black Thought, which “seeks to represent the rich diversity of black thought,” has supported this latest rebuttal of CRT. True to its mission, the group showcases a broad ideological selection of organizations, including 1776 Unites, the Center for Policing Equity, and Divided We Fall. It defies the "hackneyed, leftist narrative" the Left has tried to create of minority groups.

Like those who signed the now-famous Harper’s Letter on Justice and Open Debate, which sought "to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences," the members of this anti-woke coalition are just as diverse. They are parents, educators, and activists joining together to, in their words, “safeguard democratic values of equality, liberty and unity.” For them, CRT is not merely a partisan talking point. It is a practice that threatens the foundation of American civil society.

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