#ConservativeBandNames Calls Out the GOP in the Best Way Possible


The shutdown may have finally ended, but according to a recent Gallup poll, it managed to sink GOP  favorability levels to record lows. (The Dems also hit a record low, but their dip is far less drastic than the their Republican counterparts.) 

But the GOP encountered further PR issues this week, mostly because of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. On Friday, TIME released a report stating the senator had possibly committed ethics violations during his 2012 run. And prior to that announcement, Cruz was also criticized for a press conference he gave on Wednesday, where he claimed that the Affordable Care Act raised the insurance premiums for "virtually every person across this country," which doesn't appear to be true.

Incidents like these aren't helping to further the conservative cause, and one place where that's evident is on Twitter, which this week saw the resurgence of an old hashtag, #conservativebandnames.

Users who are critical of the GOP are pushing the hashtag's popularity, which picked up steam this weekend, and not only touches on the shutdown, but also calls out the party's stance on issues like abortion, gay marriage and gun control.

There's currently a movement in the Republican Party to soften its tactics and gain a reputation for being more inclusive and diverse. But it's a slow-going process, and by all accounts, there's a lot more work to be done on that front

What follows are some of the best tweets from #conservativebandnames. 

#conservativebandnames Earth Wind and You're Fired

— Kent Williams (@williamskentm) October 18, 2013

Plain White Tea Party via @nic_doucet #conservativebandnames

— Jess Page (@jess_page) October 19, 2013

Pro-Lifehouse #conservativebandnames

— Nicole Doucet (@nic_doucet) October 19, 2013

Don't tax my Beach House #conservativebandnames

— Nicole Doucet (@nic_doucet) October 19, 2013

Guns n Guns #conservativebandnames

— Aaron Cohen (@UnlikelyWords) October 19, 2013

@Oneepstein Suppress The Black Crows Vote #conservativebandnames

— Michael K (@ardengnome) October 18, 2013

Jane's Addiction Is Not My Problem #conservativebandnames

— Matt Berman (@bermanmatt) October 18, 2013

ScrewU2 RT @mtill50: Megadeth-panels RT“@DavidCornDC: Motley Cruz #conservativebandnames

— Rube Bait (@RubeBait) October 18, 2013

@RubeBait @DavidCornDC @mtill50 Bachmann Walker Overreach #conservativebandnames

— David Ballard (@gagkk) October 18, 2013

Benghazi Folds Five #conservativebandnames

— Nunzio Buongiorno (@Buondias) October 18, 2013

Palin! At The Disco #conservativebandnames

— Zandt (@calonyction) October 18, 2013

#conservativebandnames Very Dire Straits

— David Schwarz (@DaveS002) October 18, 2013

30 seconds to shutdown #conservativebandnames

— timothy (@judoman589) October 18, 2013

Death Panel For Cutie #conservativebandnames

— Wendy Lou Who (@whoohah) October 18, 2013

The Grateful Debt #conservativebandnames

— Eric Wolfson (@ericwolfson) October 18, 2013

The Some Of My Best Friends Are (the) Black Keys #conservativebandnames

— Boo-Radley Abraham (@NotBradAbraham) October 18, 2013

@DavidCornDC Paul Ryan's favorite band, Rage Against the Middle Class #conservativebandnames

— Sarma Melngailis (@sarma) October 18, 2013

U2 Can't Get Married #conservativebandnames

— Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) October 18, 2013

The Below Average White Band #conservativebandnames

— Ray Ven (@rkell) October 18, 2013

The Transvaginal Ultrasound Siberian Orchestra #conservativebandnames

— John Joseph (@JohnJoseph73) October 18, 2013

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