Conservative group says ‘inflation crisis must end,’ lowers gas to $2.38/gallon for Fleming Island

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The price at the pump took a big dip at one gas station in Fleming Island Tuesday morning: $2.38 a gallon.

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Americans for Prosperity Florida hosted the one-hour event at the Mobil gas station on County Road 220. The message behind the event was made loud and clear to drivers, as $2.38 was the national average price of gas in mid-January 2021, the day President Joe Biden took office.

According to its website, AFP Florida aims to protect the American dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic prosperity for all. Skylar Zander is the group’s state director.

“We’re trying to provide real relief to Floridians, and then the second piece is to talk about why inflation is high,” Zander said.

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This is the group’s ninth stop on a 12-stop tour that’s happening statewide.

Alese Krebs filled up her tank at Tuesday’s event.

“I was like what is happening here, what is going on?” Krebs asked.

Krebs said she sells real estate for a living and was grateful to stumble upon the relief.

“My gas bills are horrendous this year,” Krebs said.

AFP Florida leaders said they also want to bring attention to the restriction of natural resources.

“Just a couple years ago, we were energy independent as a country, and we can get back to that point again,” Zander said.

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Sen. Aaron Bean and Congressman John Rutherford, both Republicans, attended the event and spoke with drivers about what many are calling the “inflation crisis.”

“The cost of this inflation that’s been created by this attack on fossil fuel. Everyone’s spending almost $5,200 a year more to live like they did the year before,” Congressman Rutherford said. “That’s the problem.”

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Bean shared his thoughts.

“It’s in our interest as a country to do everything we can to have energy independence, where we’re not reliant upon other countries,” Bean said. “Many of those countries want to do us harm. We don’t want to be at their whim or subject, so it comes with making smarter decisions and hopefully we can start doing that very soon as a country.”

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According to AAA, gas prices are up for the first time in 10 weeks. Currently, the average price of regular gas in Florida is $3.60/gallon.

“We’re starting to see this inflation crisis getting out of control,” Zander said.

‘Americans for Prosperity Florida’ hosted the one-hour event at the Mobil gas station on County Road 220.
‘Americans for Prosperity Florida’ hosted the one-hour event at the Mobil gas station on County Road 220.

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