Connecticut Valley historical society looks for board members

Feb. 26—The Connecticut Valley Historical Society is looking to add seven members to its board of directors, former President Brianna Dunlap said.

The board, which has eight members, operates out of the Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum on Lang Road in Windsor.

Dunlap, who resigned Wednesday, said the board is looking for residents from central Connecticut and lower Massachusetts. The board is specifically looking for people who have skills in accounting, education, fundraising, and membership building.

Jim Daniels has taken over as the new president after Dunlap's resignation.

The museum has many different active projects, such as helping University of Connecticut researchers delve into the intersections of race, labor, identity, mobility, and migration in tobacco agriculture.

Additionally, the group is working with Eastern Connecticut State University to support its upcoming tobacco agriculture-themed "Cultivating Dignity" theater play, art exhibitions, and mural project.

Daniels said the museum is looking to eventually begin growing its own tobacco, as well as few other projects that aren't ready for release yet.

The society, which came into existence in 1987, is a nonprofit group supported through donations and has meetings every other month, conducted over Zoom.

Dunlap said being president of the board was an honor and a privilege.

Interested residents can send an email to windsormuseum

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