Condoleezza Rice, George Shultz Endorse Romney

Jonathan Miller

One day after Mitt Romney clinched the GOP nomination, two former secretaries of state came forward and threw their support behind the former Massachusetts governor, according to Bloomberg.

Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State under George W. Bush, gave her official nod to Romney at a fundraiser in California. “If America is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the United States of America is, and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism,” Rice told about 300 donors in Hillsborough, near where she teaches at Stanford University.

“The only thing that people dislike more than unilateral American leadership is no American leadership at all," she added.

Rice, 57, is sometimes mentioned as a possible running mate for Romney.

George Shultz, the Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, also announced his endorsement and defended Romney's record at Bain Capital. “What he has done at Bain Capital has been a major contribution to the American economy,” he said.

Shultz, who also served as Secretary of Labor under Richard Nixon, added of Romney: “He has learned and instinctively can feel what it takes to get this huge amount of money that is sitting on the sidelines of our economy to move forward and invest.”