Community observes National Day of Prayer

May 10—This year's celebration of the National Day of Prayer featured an international flair as community leaders welcomed a team of Christian missionaries from South Korea.

The group — one of 40 traveling throughout the country — was hosted by Parkway Ministries in Corbin as part of Project Pray. Between last Wednesday and Sunday, the parishioners traveled to various churches in Barbourville, Manchester and Harlan as well as Corbin to share their message of hope and salvation.

On Thursday, the group was in London just outside the Laurel County Courthouse as part of the community's National Day of Prayer celebration.

Speaking through interpreter John Cho, Pastor Choi Jae Choon joined several local pastors in leading more than 100 participants in prayer.

"God at this moment is blessing this country...," Choi said, referencing the story of Elijah to illustrate how prayer bring about change. "There are other people across the United States who have the same mission, to pray for the salvation of this country."

The first Thursday of May has been designated as a day to come together and ask for God's guidance for the leaders, present and future.

Speakers included Laurel County Judge Executive David Westerfield with Daniel Carmack closing the ceremony by leading the crowd in "God Bless America."

In between local pastors prayed for first responders, the nation and its youth.