Commissioners to seek bids for roof repairs on two buildings

Richland County Juvenile Justice Center
Richland County Juvenile Justice Center

The Richland County commissioners are advertising for $250,000 worth of roof work they say should keep two local buildings' roofs in good shape for years to come.

The work at the Juvenile Justice Center and the Park Building at 38 S. Park St., were among three construction-related issues that the board dealt with at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

Commissioners voted to advertise for labor only to fully remove and replace the roof over the attention center portion of the Juvenile Justice Center and to tear off and replace “fatigued” areas of the Park Building. Materials will be purchased from the Garland Company through the state purchase schedule.

County Business Administrator Andrew Keller said the county has been dealing with leaks at both buildings.

“It’s been, I’d say, 25-plus years on the Juvenile Justice Center, on that part of the roof, since it’s been repaired in this way, and probably around 20 years for the Park Building,” he told the board. “Having worked in the Park Building, I can testify there are some brown ceiling tiles in my particular office.”

The Park Building, on the south side of Mansfield’s Public Square, houses the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office and the local parole authority. Keller is a former assistant prosecutor who handled civil matters.

Material and labor for the Juvenile Justice Center has been estimated at $140,000 and the Park Building at $110,000.

Keller said the Garland Company provides a 30-year leak-free guarantee for its material, which the county has used in the past.

“It’s a good option for a lot of our aging flat roofs,” he added.

Commissioners award culvert replacement contract

Commissioners also voted on Tuesday to award a $90,437 contract to the Adena Corporation of Mansfield, which was the only bidder for a culvert replacement project on Possum Run Road. The cost is 4.7% over the engineer’s estimate of $86,375 but is under the 10% excess over estimate allowed under state law.

County Engineer Adam Gove pointed out that the contract price represents about a 25% increase over last year’s prices.

“We were up earlier this month with another project with a bid that was close to 40% over,” he said. “That’s what we’re seeing right now with concrete and steel (prices) very volatile.”

Gove said county highway employees will do the preparation work while Adena will install the precast culvert and wing walls. Part of Possum Run Road will be closed during the project, which Gove anticipates will be done in June or July.

Commissioners also agreed to advertise for bids for the final phases of paving and drainage projects at Dayspring, Richland County’s assisted living facility. Bids will be opened April 21. The work, which will be partially funded with Community Development Block Grant dollars, involves paving the second half of the main drive, an auxiliary parking lot and a drive to the facility’s wastewater plant, widening a portion of the drive and connecting several downspouts to the storm water drainage system.

This article originally appeared on Mansfield News Journal: Richland County commissioners seek bids for roof work