Comcast charges a wallet-incinerating $300 a month for new 305Mbps ‘platinum’ broadband

Brad Reed
BGR News
Congrats, Comcast: You’re now only America’s second most hated pay TV provider

Comcast (CMCSA) customers now have access to roughly the same level of top-tier service as Verizon (VZ) FiOS customers if they’re willing to pay $90 more for it. As reported by GigaOm, Comcast on Tuesday unveiled its new “platinum” Xfinity broadband tier that promises speeds of up to 305Mbps, slightly higher than the 300Mbps promised by Verizon FiOS’ top tier. The catch is that the new Xfinity tier will set users back $300 a month, or $90 more than what FiOS subscribers pay for their top-tier service. GigaOm does say, however, that Comcast’s lower tiers are cheaper than comparable tiers from Verizon, as 50Mbps FiOS costs around $75 per month while 50Mbps Xfinity costs around $59 per month if bundled with other services.


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