"Combat mosquitoes" follow "dirty bomb": Russian representative to UN tells more frenzy lies

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Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, has said that the Russian occupiers allegedly discovered drones in Ukraine that can "spread mosquitoes infected with dangerous viruses."

Source: Nebenzya’s speech at a session of the UN Security Council

Details: the Russian diplomat claimed that in March, Russian troops who were stationed in Kherson Oblast discovered "three drones equipped with 30-litre containers that can be used to spray biologically active substances".

He said that the United States had patented a drone capable of spreading mosquitoes infected with dangerous viruses.

Quote from Nebenzya: "According to the description, such a drone transports a container with a large number of mosquitoes, the carriers of infections, to a targeted area and releases them.

While biting, mosquitoes infect people with pathogens of particularly dangerous diseases. The explanation directly emphasises that an infected serviceman will be unable to perform the tasks assigned to him, to conclude "the disease can be a more valuable military tool than the most modern weapons and military equipment."

It is noted that "such an infection among enemy servicemen would have a significant military effect".

Details: Nebenzya also stated that the Russian Federation had received some documents regarding "the spread of dangerous infections through migration birds, in particular highly pathogenic influenza and Newcastle disease, and bats, in particular capable of infecting humans with the causative agents of plague, leptospirosis, brucellosis, as well as coronaviruses and filoviruses."

Andrii Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, has reacted to the nonsense voiced out by the Russian Representative to the UN.

Quote from Yermak: "Combat mosquitoes, dirty bombs...

It is already too late to treat patients there. They should be put and isolated in the chamber called Russia."

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