Column: Brightening up the week with a package from Olight

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — It’s always a great day when you go out to the mailbox and get something EDC-related that’s been delivered to the house.

This week, I got that familiar rose-colored padded envelope that signals a package from my favorite flashlight company, Olight.

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Olight has cut back on its monthly sales this year but did have a flash sale earlier this month.

I wasn’t enamored with what was on sale, so I used a coupon code I had from my online knife group and ordered a light that had been on my wish list for a couple of a months — the new i3T 2 EOS with a special dragon and phoenix design.

Familiar rose-colored envelope from Olight Photos by Dave Burge/KTSM
Familiar rose-colored envelope from Olight Photos by Dave Burge/KTSM

This is the second generation of its i3T flashlight. It is powered by a AAA battery but also has the capability of using a rechargeable battery that is not included.

Another upgrade is that the pocket clip is placed between the battery cap cover and the body of the flashlight so you never have to worry about it coming loose.

The handy 3 1/2-inch flashlight has two modes that are activated with a tail switch — with a high of 200 lumens if you use a standard AAA battery.

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The light is also compatible with a 10440 rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Of course, the huge draw of this light is its beautiful design.

For good measure, Olight included a i3E EOS flashlight as a gift. This light also uses a AAA battery and has a single mode of 90 lumens that is accessible with a simple twisting motion. It is a perfect keychain light.

The one I got as a gift is black with red stripes. I have a couple of different versions of this light already in my collection.

I haven’t opened this one up because I am planning to give it away as a gift at some point in the near the future.

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Anyway, the bottom line: I got another Olight flashlight that I will be including in my rotation of handy everyday carry lights.

Here is a link to Olight’s online store.

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