Colorado Senators Jab at State’s New Gun Laws With Picture of Them Sporting…Glenn Beck T-Shirts

Madeleine Morgenstern

Republican state senators in Colorado suffered a series of setbacks last month when Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed landmark new gun control laws into place, but they're trying to keep their spirits up.

All 15 legislators stood together to jab at the new laws wearing T-shirts from Glenn Beck's 1791 clothing line. The shirts read, "The Gun Debate -- Settled Since 1791."

Colorado Senators Jab at States New Gun Laws With Picture of Them Sporting Glenn Beck T Shirts
Colorado Senators Jab at States New Gun Laws With Picture of Them Sporting Glenn Beck T Shirts

Top row, from left: Randy Baumgardner, Owen Hill, Kent Lambert
Middle row: Larry Crowder, Scott Renfroe, Steve King, David Balmer, Kevin Grantham
Front row: Kevin Lundberg, Bill Cadmen, Greg Brophy, Vicki Marble, Ted Harvey, Mark Scheffel, Ellen Roberts

State Sen. Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch) organized the photo after speaking with Pat and Stu on TheBlaze Radio, who offered to send shirts for the entire caucus if they all agreed to pose together.

"Our caucus was united in the fight against the Democrat assault on our citizens' inalienable right to self-defense," Harvey wrote in an email to TheBlaze. "I have served in the Colorado legislature for 12 years and participated in countless debates, but I can honestly say that this united, passionate, strategic and articulate defense of the Second Amendment was my party's finest hour. We may have lost the vote on five of the seven terrible Democrat bills, but we never retreat on any point."

Harvey spoke up during a legislative hearing last month after Democratic state Sen. Evie Hudak told rape survivor Amanda Collins, "statistics are not on your side" that having a gun would have helped her fend off her attacker on her college campus. That particular bill, which would have barred guns on college campuses, was withdrawn by its sponsor.