A Colorado man got a 12-by-12-inch back tattoo of the new Subway Series logo, earning him free sandwiches for life

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tattoo artist DJ Tambe sits in front of a back tattoo of the Subway Series logo
Courtesy of Subway
  • A Colorado man has won free Subway sandwiches for life, though not how you might have expected.

  • At an event Subway hosted Wednesday, James Kunz got a 12-by-12 back tattoo of the Subway Series logo to earn the lifetime supply of subs.

  • Eight other people at the event got smaller tattoos of the logo, winning free sandwiches for a year.

A Colorado man has won free Subway sandwiches for life, and it's all thanks to his latest tattoo.

Subway recently introduced its new Subway Series menu, which consists of 12 new sandwiches sold as-is. The launch marks the company's biggest menu overhaul in its history and is a big departure from the customization that made the chain popular.

To celebrate, Subway hosted a block party event in Las Vegas on Wednesday where fans could get a tattoo of the new Subway Series logo to earn free sandwiches for a month, a year, or a lifetime, depending on its size and location on the body.

James Kunz of Fort Collins, Colorado, jumped at the chance. He got a 12-by-12-inch tattoo of the logo on his back, earning him footlongs for life, awarded in the form of $50,000 in Subway gift cards.

"I'm a huge fan of Subway, so I thought about it and I thought well, maybe I should fly out to Las Vegas," he said. "I'm thrilled to have made it this far and to have actually gotten the big tattoo. I'm proud of it."

Kunz first heard about the event in a Twitter group chat.

"Someone shared the news in there and I thought wow, I should do that because I would love to get free Subway for life," he said.

Kunz actually credits Subway with helping him improve his health years ago.

"I used to be a chunky teenager, and Subway was one of the factors that helped me change out of less-healthy fast food," he said. "It helped me to become a lot healthier."

Besides Kunz, eight other Subway fans got 3-by-3-inch tattoos of the Subway Series logo on either a shoulder blade, forearm, or calf. They won free sandwiches for a year, awarded as $4,380 in Subway gift cards.

To promote its newest sandwiches, Subway also gave away one million free subs from the Subway Series earlier this month.

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