College student from the Bronx missing from Buffalo State

HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Investigators believe the college sophomore may need medical attention and that she may still be in the Western New York area or may have traveled to Yonkers.

Video Transcript

- Right now, there is a desperate search to find a missing Buffalo State College student from the Bronx. The family of Saniyya Dennis, who's been missing for more than a week now, urges the community and police officials to help them find her. Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson joins us from the Upper West Side. Kemberly?

KEMBERLY RICHARDSON: Well, Joe, family members say, Saniyya Dennis handed in a school assignment last Saturday, and that very same evening, walked out of her dorm. Police then believe the 19-year-old took the bus to Niagara Falls, which is where her family is. It's been eight long days, and still, no sign of Saniyya.

- Currently, I'm doing what I do every day. This is my life so far.

- I caught up with Calvin Byrd as he searched for his daughter, Saniyya Dennis, in Niagara Falls State Park. The Buffalo State College student lives here on East 180th street in the Bronx, but hasn't been seen since Saturday, April 24, 11:02 PM. This image is from video inside her dorm. Then roughly two hours and 19 minutes later, a ping from her cell phone near the park, which is about 17 miles away. Officials believe she may have taken the bus there. Now, day eight, and no sign of the sophomore honors student who is majoring in mechanical engineering.

CALVIN BYRD: I can't leave if I didn't say, I looked at every inch of this park. I think that time is of the essence, especially of stuff, like, what it happened like this. It's just a very time sensitive matter.

- Police say, so far, there are no signs of foul play.

PETER CAREY: Since that day, there has been no cell phone or electronic activity, no financial activity, no other communication with family or friends.

- Which Saniyya's sister says is odd.

KEYORA DENNIS: When she comes to visit my mother in the city or comes to visit our family, she lets her know when she's running late. Or she lets her know who she's going to be with, or what time she expects to be home.

- The last time Saniyya was back home here in the Bronx was in March. Family members tell me for a relative's birthday party, and everything was just fine.

- This is a terrifying moment for my whole family.

- Michael, as Saniyya's uncle, plans to head from the Bronx to Buffalo next week. They're now offering a $10,000 reward. Anything to lead them to Saniyya.

MICHAEL DENNIS: Your family loves you very much, and we want you home safely and quickly as possible.

- Now, police did say, Saniyya may be in need of medical attention. Her father says they may have found a prescription in her dorm room, but for nothing serious. This is now a multiagency investigation, which includes Amtrak, and state police, and the Secret Service. For now, we're live on the Upper West Side. Kemberly Richardson, Channel 7, Eyewitness News.