College Possible Minnesota receives anonymous $1 million gift

A St. Paul-based nonprofit dedicated to helping underrepresented students across Minnesota enter college recently received a $1 million from an anonymous donor.

“It’s a great vote of confidence whenever a donor makes the gift of that size,” said Steve Ragan, senior vice president of external relations at College Possible. “Someone really values the work that we’re doing, and it’s helping to amplify it.”

College Possible has worked with more than 2,000 high school and 3,000 college students in the past 23 years, providing coaches and a structured curriculum to lower the financial and personal barriers for students to enroll and graduate from college.

The donation will allow the organization to serve more students across the state, especially those in rural areas, through virtual programming that became a core part of their business model after the COVID-19 pandemic required the shift.

“We have the opportunity to further increase that delivery system to students virtually, not just in Greater Minnesota, but also within the Metro as well, to get into schools that we just physically couldn’t get into before,” said College Possible Senior Director of External Relations Isaiah Allen.

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