‘College Hill’: Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Have Altercation After Latter Tells The Former She ‘Really Wants To Be A White Girl’

Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose
Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose
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Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose got into an altercation on College Hill: Celebrity Edition after Hernandez told Rose she wanted to be a “white girl.”

Bossip reported that during the latest episode of BET+’s second season of College Hill: Celebrity Edition, a classroom discussion about racial identity unexpectedly turned physical when Hernandez told Rose she “really wants to be a white girl.” Things got somewhat intense due to a quick pause Hernandez did to look at Amber when she said “whities” to describe Caucasians when she shared her perspective with the class. The former SlutWalk ambassador didn’t appreciate that because she’s biracial and identifies as a Black and white woman.

The conversation seemed to turn positive when Hernandez apologized for doing that, which Rose accepted.

“If you felt like I singled you out, I apologize…I didn’t mean to do that,” Hernandez said. “I consider you a Black person like myself. A lot of people do that to me. They’re like, ‘OK, she’s Spanish; she’s not Black.”

However, although the former video vixen quickly forgave her, she didn’t like Hernandez telling her she sees her as a Black woman only because she isn’t.

“Joseline, stop identifying me. Let me identify myself and then let you know what that is,” the 39-year-old said in a confessional during the episode.

Unfortunately, the situation negatively escalated because despite what Rose said, Hernandez kept saying she was Black, leading her to tell Rose to “check me.”

“If you gon’ check me, then check me!” Hernandez said. “You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really want to be a white girl,” the TV personality told her housemate. “Let’s just get down to the point.”

She continued, “Your problem is that you don’t even want to really be Black.”

That statement set off Amber Rose to the point that she got out of her chair, walked up to Hernandez and attacked her, which caused a fight between the two that viewers could only hear since BET+ didn’t air it. Instead, the network shared a statement during the incident.

“Out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight,” the statement said. “College Hill and ASU do not condone violence of any kind.”

Although the network didn’t show the fight, an image surfaced online that was the beginning of it. After the shocking events, producers decided it was time for the former Atlanta stripper to pack her bags and go home. During a recent episode of the music podcast Drink Champs, she told N.O.R.E. she “dog-walked that b***h.”

How true is this? At this time, no one but the professor, castmates and students in the classroom are the only people who know what occurred.