A collaborative approach to information strategy


By Claudia Ortolani , Senior Consultant, HP Information Management and Analytics



A cio.com article published earlier this year addressed the need for CIOs to be more connected with the business: 


For CIOs to be ahead in big data and BI for next year, (IDC head of research, Joel) Oostveen said they will need to start collaborating more with other business executives in order to fully understand how big data can be used to deliver on business outcomes.”


I find this statement quite interesting – and not at all surprising – since participating with HP clients in a workshop designed to do just what Oostveen suggests – foster collaboration between business and IT executives about how information can drive business value. The workshop lasted only a single day, but it was the first time these heterogeneous groups actually sat in a room together to understand different internal needs and points of view across the organization.  This is seemingly not uncommon.  And I found it was incredibly enlightening and empowering for them to hear their perspectives and collaborate on a roadmap of concrete priorities and outcomes.