Colin Egglesfield Talks Return Of The Client List: There's 'A Lot Of Lingerie & Handcuffs!'

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Colin Egglesfield attends the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on February 23, 2013 -- Getty Images

Jennifer Love Hewitt may have told Access Hollywood that "The Client List" fans could start to root for Riley's recently returned husband, Kyle, when Season 2 returns next month on Lifetime, but Colin Egglesfield, who plays his brother, and love rival Evan, thinks differently.

"Hmmm," he contemplated when Access brought up Jennifer's recent comments, when we caught up with him backstage at the Independent Spirit Awards Gift Lounge on Saturday in Santa Monica. "No they're not. Anyone who leaves their wife and their kids and takes off for a year? How can you sympathize with that?

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"Horrible," Colin added, with his trademark smile. "He's a horrible man."

Of course Colin would root for Evan (as would most of "The Client List" fans!). His character had just started making headway, romantically, with Jennifer's Riley character when Kyle returned.

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Speaking about the drama ahead on the show, Colin said there will be lots of love conflicts going around.

"Definitely a lot of love triangle-ness going on with a lot of lingerie and handcuffs. A lot of handcuffs involved in this season," he said. "Not in the way I think, in which you might be thinking.

"And then, there's a few other love triangles that are going to be branching off from the original love triangle, so, all sorts of geometry going on this season," he said.

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"The Client List" returns to Lifetime on March 10, and Colin said he's enjoyed the fan reaction to the sexy primetime show.

"It's amazing and to be on a show where people are actually watching it is, first and foremost, a great thing. But just to hear what everyone has to say about it [is great]. And working with Jennifer, has been great, she's amazing," he said.

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Colin is one of the many stars who has a history in the soap world and he also chimed in on the news that "All My Children" is returning online this spring.

"It's great to see that they've revived it because I'm sure it still has a ton of fans," he said. "So, I wish 'em luck.

"And you never know. Maybe I'll come back as a ghost," he said teasingly, referencing his character, Josh Madden, who had a fiery exit, dying from a gunshot wound in a 2009 episode.

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